What is CEREC?

The CEREC® Acquisition Center Powered by OmniCam

CAD/CAM for Everyone

We are proud to provide our patients with the CEREC Acquisition Center powered by OmniCam. Our CEREC center provides our patients with a myriad of CAD/CAM restorative solutions, which are state-of-the-art and indispensable in the treatment of our patients. OmniCam’s technology takes digital impressions to the highest levels of precision and efficiency, with impeccable results.

  • Crowns completed in one appointment, otherwise known as “same day crowns”
  • Access to the most comprehensive array of chair-side CAD/CAM solutions
  • Access to the highest level of digital impression accuracy and effectiveness
  • Access to connect with current and future digital dental technologies, processes and procedures

Simply put, the CEREC Acquisition Center offers the highest level of precision, flexibility, and speed – whether for single units, full arches, or anything in between.